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Woof's Manhattan


Training Prices

Play & Train

Bring your dog to Woof’s where we can help them become the best version of themselves! We recognize that training your dog can be a huge undertaking, and it can be difficult and frustrating.


Our play and train services split your dog’s time between one-on-one training time and playtime in the yards. Our trainers will meet with you to determine what skills you would like them to work on with your pup. Your pup gets plenty of socialization and learns appropriate play behaviors, while also focusing on the skills they need to learn.


If you’re ready for your dog to become the best version of themselves, call Woof’s to schedule your consultation with our trainer today!

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Full Days: $45/day

5 Day Pack

Paw Print - 10 Transparent.png

Full Days: $220

Paw Print - 10 Transparent2.png

Full Days: $440

Paw Print -30 Transparent.png

Full Days: $840

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30 Day Pack

Full Days: $1,200

10 Day Pack

20 Day Pack

Group Classes

Our Group Training Classes are held at our facility and are on Monday evenings at 6:15pm-7:15pm. Group Classes last for 7 weeks. We offer a basic obedience group training class and an intermediate group training class at this time. 

Group Classes

7 weeks: $150

Private Training Classes

Private classes allow you and your pup to work with our trainers on specific skills. These one-hour classes can be helpful on their own, or in tandem with Play & Train services.

If you are looking for individual guidance on training your pup, look no further than our Private Classes. During these one-hour sessions, our trainer will guide you and your pup, not only teaching them skills and positive behavior, but also showing you skills to practice at home. These classes are done off-site or in the comfort of your own home.

Private Training


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